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My Boy’s Home! (And other news.)

First things first!

Today is national No Housework Day!  (I am not kidding you.)

It’s supposedly the one day of the year you can just relax, forget those daily chores, and do absolutely anything else instead; a chance to indulge yourself with no guilt.

Who comes up with stuff like that?

I’m thinking it was a man, because the logic behind this kind of national proclamation is flawed.  A woman would never come up with that because it just means that tomorrow she will have twice as much house work to do!  (I know I just threw the men under the bus!  But statistics show that even in homes where women work full-time, they still perform the majority of the house work.)  In that regard, it’s almost like a woman sabotaging herself – it means the next day is unofficially Double the Amount of Housework Day.

On the other hand, maybe it was a very clever woman who came up with this idea, because it could provide an “official” reason to not do house work for one day – you know, in case your husband needs one – or even if a woman needs an official reason.  After all, officialism is powerful!  The “powers that be” (somewhere) have decided that today would be “No House Work Day.”  How can anyone argue with that?

Honestly, some of us are doing this everyday…even without the national proclamation!

In other news…My boy’s home!


My Marine drove over 10 hours yesterday to make it home.  He started out from North Carolina at 12:30 noon and arrived home at about 12:30am!

Why does everything seem perfect when a kid comes home?  It’s like the planets are in perfect alignment and something amazing is happening!

I love having both my boys together!  They are my “Irish twins” and being less than a year apart in age (and having the same name – yes, Jon’s middle name is Josiah – long story), they are really close.

They may be grown up now, but they still play fight every opportunity they get.  All this momma wanted to do was take a simple picture with her boys,” but notice what’s going on here: First, Jon’s grabbing Josiah…


Then, Josiah reaches for John.  (And please don’t think Jon is trying to massage Josiah’s neck!) Those two are dastardly, I tell you!  They are trying very hard to give the impression that nothing is going on here; but they are not innocent!  (Look at my eyes, they tell it all.)


Really, I was just trying to recreate a shot that I took with them five years ago.  The picture on the left was taken at my 40th birthday party.  I’m starting to look like I’m shrinking!  (Sorry, wish the focus was better!)  Prayerfully, I’ll get another picture in five years.

jon and siah 5 years later

Here are my three favorite men!  Apparently, they are unable to maintain their composure long enough to take a photo.  (That’s what month’s of being away from a loved one can do to a person!)


What’s interesting about the picture above is that Jonathan’s main concern is “straightening up” to appear taller than the other two (like he had to try?) :o)

Here, my Marine figures it’s time to show “big brother” some of his new combat skills….


Down and over the couch he went!

(I find it so interesting that Dad is still trying to wrangle these two boys!)

In old news…

Last night’s showing of Beyond the Mask was riveting!  More than 80 people showed up!  The attendance was pretty split between my homeschool group and my church.  It was like having our own private theater!  Excellent quality, costuming and story line.  I can definitely recommend it as a family friendly, Christian movie.  The rating is PG for some violence so watch it with caution if you have little ones (or watch it first).

Looking ahead…

Tonight the girls and I are attending our homeschool groups’ Passover Seder.  This is one of the highlights of our year!  Attending the Seder really helps me to understand the Jewish roots of my faith.  It has also helped me to understand the events of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday in a deeper way.  I believe it is a true “dot connector” for any gentile believer.  I’m bringing chicken cutlets breaded with cornflakes (not breadcrumbs) so that it will be a kosher dish.  Breading with cornflakes may may sound weird, but it tastes really good!

I’m thanking God for the gift of family and for kids coming home.  

Happy  Tuesday, friends!





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