The Best Weekend Entertainment Guide {4/22}

Hey Friends, It’s Friday!
If you’re looking for something to watch, read or see this weekend (and to make you laugh), here are some awesome links to get you ready for your weekend.
WHM weekend entertainment guide

first up . . .

Best Family Movie in Theaters

The Jungle Book . . . 

The Jungle Book [PG ‧ Fantasy/Drama film ‧ 1h 51m.]  My family took a much needed “time-out” from our homeschool day yesterday and went to see The Jungle Book.  It’s one of the few films in theaters that we can see as a family.  I give it a big thumbs-up!  As with much of what Disney animates for kids, it had a good story line and was interesting for adults as well.  Let’s begin with the main character, Mowgli, who is played by Neel Sethi.  He is so incredibly cute! (Says this mom of two of her own cute boys/now men.)  Honestly, look at this kids face . . .


I just love him.  Where did they find this kid?  He had me from . . . well . . . from the opening scene.  I want to adopt him.  He was such a good wolf-boy. (My heart is still melting.)  I also must give a notable mention to – – – – who does the voice of King Louie the Orangutan.  I nick-named him the “Mafia-Orangutan.”  He’s a complete hoot!


I won’t tell you who does the orangutan’s voice – I’d like to see if you can guess who he is, as the orangutan looks JUST LIKE the actor.  (Do not Google it if you plan to see the movie!)

Disney is billing this version of The Jungle Book as a “live action” film but I’m not so sure it can be considered that since so much of it has been generated on a computer.  Nevertheless, the visual effects are amazing and the jungle was a feast visual for the eyes.  And I love that little boy!

Let me tell you how the PG rating impacted my family: One scene (only one!) involved what I would consider an intense fight between several animals.  I believe that’s what gave the film it’s PG rating.  Other than that, no obscene language, no nudity (other than my newly adopted son running through the jungle in the equivalent of a cloth diaper), no love scenes – just suspense and action.  But proceed with caution before bringing little tots – some scenes may frighten and overwhelm younger or sensitive movie goers.  Here’s the trailer and review.


Best Funny Films for Moms ♥

5 funny movies i need in my life

Momma, if you’re looking for a way to get your laugh on this weekend, then look no further because Elizabeth the GuiltyChocoholicMama has got you covered!  She’s compiled a list of 5 Funny Movies She Needs in Her Life and you may need one of them, too!  Thanks to her I’ve found my new favorite movie: Sense and Sensibility (1995), which could easily be my #1 pick for this weeks’ mom’s chick-flick.  In my opinion, it’s way better than Pride and Prejudice (and I’ve seen both the American and British versions).  But I’ll leave you to your own opinion.  Click here to see Elizabeth’s list of funny movies.


Best Blog Post for Moms

The Legacy of a Mom Who Raised Men

How cool is it that this weeks “Best blog post for Moms” is written by a man – a son, in fact. Chad Gramling, who blogs at melted my momma’s heart with this tribute to his mom.  In his post: The Legacy of a Mom Who Raised Men, he lovingly recounts several ways in which his mother touched his life and made her mark on the world. But this is not your token bullet point post – it’s a reminder of why we do what we do as moms; and it left me hoping and praying that one day, one of my two sons would be able to pen something similar in my honor.  Good job, Chad! On behalf of your mom and all other mothers, I thank you.


Best Laugh!

A little parent humor to put a smile on your face (Courtesy of Luvs).


Best “Come to Jesus” Moment

This is Kathie Lee Gifford’s on air tribute to her late husband, Frank Gifford.  It’s eight minutes long, and in this world of fast food and microwave dinners that’s a life time; but do yourself a favor and grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage and allow yourself to witness the testimony of a wife who loved her husband.  And did Kathie Lee just give an alter call on live TV?  Um…yep, she did.


Best Sports Moment 

You may have seen this around the web but it’s fairly new to me.  It’s a brand new floor routine by Simone Biles. When I saw it I was speechless.  It’s been shard on Facebook close to 9 million times. Watch it and see why.  And then cry about the fact that you can no longer run an entire block.  (Oh, that’s just me.)  🙂

Next week on Welcome Home Ministry . . .

Next week I’ll be posting Part 2 of a three part series titled Gynecological Adventures.

Gynecological Adventures Part 3 part series

The entire series is about how delightful it is to be a woman, especially since we have the unique pleasure of taking an annual gynecology exam.  Oh, the joys!  We ladies all do it – but no one’s talking about it.  So I decided to take one for the team and dish the dirt.  (Who else out there is gonna give a first-hand account about fishing urine caps out of toilets with their bare hands?)  If you’ve missed Part 1 you can click here to catch-up.

What about you – what are you up to this weekend?  What other movies and blog posts would you add to this list?  What other categories would you like to see featured?  Share a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

From my Big Fat Beautiful Family to yours!

(Random pic because family is the awesome-sauce of life!)


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  1. Love what you are doing here Tiffany! I l thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Jungle book movie too. I took two of my young nephews ages 5 & 10 and they loved it. The you boy did a great job but the surprise was what showed up in the tree! I forgot about that! The actors did a great job and the voices were amazing. The scenery was breathtaking. I highly recommend seeing this to those that visit here. Great fun for most ages! Also that gymnast routine is spectacular! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and yours!

    • Hey Horace! Thanks for stopping by and giving us all some added insight into the movie. You pointed out some things I had forgotten. Blessings to you and yours as well.

  2. So much great stuff here. We are really wanting to see the jungle book. I’m glad to see your recommendation for that movie. The post on the legacy of the mother with mental health struggles was amazing. I love how he pointed out all of the wonderful qualities she had. What a great find you shared with his words. The picture of your family is awesome, truly a big beautiful group!

    • Hi Candace! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed my entertainment guide: you will really enjoy The Jungle Book. But I’m even more excited that you made it over to Chad’s blog to read his tribute to his mom. What a blessing! Thanks for stopping by and please come again. :o)

  3. I loved this, Tiffiney! What a fun way to roundup the week. 🙂
    We still haven’t seen The Jungle Book, yet. Neel Sethi looks just like my son’s friend. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH!

    • Hi Dean! You and the kids are really going to love The Jungle Book. Stop back by and let me know what you think. :o)

  4. Love all of this Tiffiney! Thanks! Some of these are my pics as well! Happy to be your neighbor at the Linkup of What Joy is Mine.

    • Hey Pam! So glad you were able to stop by and check it out. It’s always a delight to party with the What Joy is Mine community.

  5. Girl! You are JUST a riot! Thank you so much for giving me the huge honor of being part of this fabulous list! I can’t wait to check out all your links. But first: right?! About Sense and Sensibility?! I feel the SAME way about it compared with P&P. And, no, sweetie, it’s not just you who can’t run a block. I do “jogging spurts” every morning during my power walk, and while I do them, I generally pray for death. Just kidding. Mostly. Am sharing this everywhere right now. You are awesome.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring the Legacy of a Mom Who Raised Men post Tiffiney. Her birthday is this coming Wednesday. It will be our first without her, so I have been thinking much about her and this post as of late. Touches me that you would include it here. Blessings.

    • It’s my pleasure, Chad! It’s such a heartfelt and meaningful post. I’m certain that many women/moms will be blessed by it.

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