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Welcome Home Ministry exists to provide hope and encouragement to women in their faith and family life.  We are looking for creative writers to contribute articles that are uplifting, encouraging, or offer meaningful instruction. This page will provide a description of each editorial topic.

We are looking for “pillar content” in the following areas:

TESTIMONY: Marriage & Salvation – sharing how God, through Jesus Christ, has transformed or saved your marriage, healed your relationship with your child(ren), or helped to restore your family.  The strength of this website is allowing women to see the work of the Cross in the lives of other women.  Testimonies provide hope and build faith so that women may know: If God did it for her, He can do it for me! 

Other topics we are looking for include:

Marriage – wisdom/insight or best practices for loving your husband, romance, submission, honor/respect, personal struggles, overcoming finance challenges, conflict resolution, etc.

Christian Living – quiet time best practices, trusting God, leading your child to Christ, evangelism/soul winning, discipleship, children/family devotions, Bible study, missions, service/ministry, modesty, single and satisfied, purity, everyday life, etc.

Homeschooling – advice/best practices, why you homeschool, curriculum choices/feedback, homeschooling style/approach, schedules, trip ideas, a “Day in the Life” post: an example of what a typical school day looks like from beginning to end (hop over to this website and scroll mid-way down the page for examples of a Day in the Life posts).

Motherhood/Parenting – insights, friendship, pregnancy, breastfeeding, discipline, child rearing, ages and stages: infant/childhood/adolescence/etc, attachment & separation, single parenting, blended family/step parenting, empty nest, coping, modesty, etc.

Working Women – workplace evangelism, once-a-week cooking, juggling work and home, finding time to serve, childcare tips and best practices, etc.

Homemaking – loving your home, being a homemaker, choosing to stay home, raising future homemakers, contentment, cleaning, decorating, budgeting, etc.

In the Kitchen – recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping, couponing, meal preparation & cooking, vegetarian, canning, growing vegetables/herbs/fruits, etc.

All articles should be 500 – 900 words in length. Guest posts may be published anonymously or under a psuedo name to protect privacy. Click here for more guidelines.  

If you would like to join our team of encouragers, please consult the guidelines page for instructions on how to submit your guest post for consideration.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in joining our team of encouragers!



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